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Below is a enquiry form. Please note that the booking is not final and will need to be confirmed and paid subject to availablity. We will respond to your enquiry asap.

Terms and Conditions


A non-refundable booking fee of 100% is due to secure studio hire date & time. Please note the booking fee is non-refundable, should the client/photographer cancel this agreement. Zoomink does not take responsibility for any loss/ injury of the photographer or client during a photo session. Please make sure that no client enters the 2nd story of the studio.

Covid-19 Regulations & Cleanliness:
Photographer and client should all wear masks & sanitise as per Government regulations. The client may only take off the mask when in front of the camera. Please supply your own sanitiser for you and your clients. Please make sure to leave the studio clean and tidy. For Cake Smash sessions an additional cleaning fee of R150 will be added.

Damage /stolen goods:
The photographer agrees by using the facility to take the utmost care of the building and its content. Damage to the building/ content will be billed towards the photographer.

Equipment & props:
Photographer is responsible to bring their own equipment & props. The renting fee of the studio does not include the renting of equipment or props.

Prop rental:
If you would like to hire props – please note that a rental fee per item will be charged. Damage to props will be billed towards the photographer.

By booking the studio (Zoomink creative Studio) the client agrees to all of the above.

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